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My Story

Welcome to FitWhit! I’m Whitney Vaughan, an East Texas native with a passion for helping others. A little over a year after having my third child, and spending months at home due to COVID, I decided it was time to get healthy. After really thinking about what that meant for me and what it should look like, I began my journey with counting macros and getting back into CrossFit.  


Like many people, I have been physically active my whole life. As a mother, a student, a teacher, I was always on the run. Finding time to workout has always been important to me, but I never really reaped the benefits of the physical activity and being “fit” until I started giving my body the nutrition it needed. In the middle of the bustle of adult life, nutrition often took a backseat. 


I realized I needed A Plan.  


A plan that gives me exactly what to shop for and what to eat each day is necessary for success. Meal plans are perfect for that because I am able to take a few hours on the weekend to be prepared for the entire week. Any day of the week, no matter how stacked the calendar, just grab and go.


Counting macros and meal planning also helps with portion control. Like many adults our age, I grew up being told that you eat whatever is put in front of you, so weighing out portions of food and still being able to “eat whatever is in front of me” works! 


And, it can work for you! Counting macros and following a weekly plan helped me transition into living a healthy lifestyle. I now fuel my body with foods that work together to energize my life, and burn fat.


And tangible results followed! I lost approximately 15 pounds of fat and was able to build lean muscle with proper nutrition. Friends and family began to notice. In fact, a close friend reached out to me for help with her meal planning, so I started taking what I was doing weekly and making it fit her needs.  That included setting up and managing her macros and building a customized meal plan for her. Helping my friend has gotten me here, doing something I love, helping others with the knowledge I have gained.


The FitWhit program is a straightforward, individualized answer to weekly nutritional questions: what do you eat, how do you cook it, and what do you need to get at the grocery store? 


I can help. Let’s do it together!


Let’s make your health and nutrition so much easier to manage.  Welcome to FitWhit!  


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Are you looking to start your fitness journey? 

Please contact me to begin today! 


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